Ubuntu and Hyper-V: The Paths to Enlightenment

As part of virtualization on Hyper-V, there is the ability to use Para-virtualized drivers instead of using built-in drivers for slower, emulated devices. Para-virtualized drivers are simply device drivers that are written for native virtual devices. In other words they are not emulating a pre-existing physical device. The Path to Enlightenment is simply the method you use to take an operating system and enable it to use these synthetic devices.

In this article we will be describing the different methods of enabling enlightenment on Ubuntu Linux for the following 3 categories: Ubuntu 9.04 and Earlier, Ubuntu 9.10, and Ubuntu 10.04. Each of these distribution versions has significant differences which require sometimes slightly and sometimes major differences in procedure.

Hyper-V Guests: Linux Integration Components Ubuntu and Debian

In this article I am documenting the process for installing the Hyper-V Integration Components within a Ubuntu or Debian VM. I am specifically writing this for Ubuntu 8.04.2 and Debian 5, however I have additionally confirmed that this process works on both Ubuntu 8.10 and Ubuntu 9.04. My environment consists of x64 VMs, I have not taken the time to test this process for x86 VMs, however it should hold true, as long as you update the package names to reflect the appropriate architecture.